With a mixture of 15 minute (TED-style) presentations and in-depth panels, Revolution.Aero Europe will bring you new insights you can use. 

There will also be lots of opportunities for you to shape the debate with live and electronic Q&A at the end of each session - as well interactive polling and the opportunity to post anonymous comments. You do not just sit and listen, you lead the content.

All attendees will also vote for the winners during Pitch@Revolution.Aero 

If you are interested in speaking please email:


Day one

8.30 Registration & refreshments

8.45 Opening remarks

9.10 Why electric flight is the future
Paul Touw, Entrepreneur

9.30 Rethinking urban mobility
Why the sky is the best place to travel
How hard (and expensive) is certification?
planning profitable production
Moderators: Robin Riedel, McKinsey & Company
Jonathan Carrier, Aeromobil
Arnaud Didey, Neoptera
Evgeni Borisov, VIMANA
Michael Darcy, Vertical Aerospace

9.55 The Age Of Digital Disruption . . . But What
About Business Aviation?
Where does business aviation stand compared
to the world we live in?
Is same level of disruption is possible?
Armando Antonini, CharterPad

10.15 Boeing HorizonX: Investing in the future of mobility, one start-up at a time.
Leading the future mobility ecosystem through direct investment and partnership 
Brian Schettler, Boeing Horizon X

10.35 Making business and personal aviation more efficient
How to rethink operating aircraft
Is there room for smaller aircraft?
Can you really digitise such an old-fashioned industry?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Gillian Hayes, AVIAA
Paolo Sommariva, FL3XX
Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, Luxaviation UK
Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir

11.05 Morning coffee

11.35 New kids on the block –applying blockchain to aviation
Where can it make the biggest difference?
Tracking maintenance, flight planning
Sandra Ro, Global Blockchain Business Council

11.55 The internet of aircraft?
The challenge of connecting flying objects
Improving the cabin and cockpit experience
Lisa Peterson, Gogo Business Aviation

12.15 Cosmic Vertigo
Insight into ESA's missions exploring the solar
system and the wider Universe
Mark McCaughrean, European Space Agency

12.45 Lunch hosted by CharterPad

charterpad small.png

14.00 Testing your investment
Tobias Willuhn, Rhode & Schwarz

14.20 Powering the future
Senior Representative, Rolls - Royce

14.40 Powering the revolution
When will passengers be using commercial electric aircraft
Lithium versus oil
Rethinking regional aviation with smaller aircraft
Robert Thompson, Rolland Berger
Frank Anton, Siemens
Omer Bar-Yohay, Eviation
Steve Burns, Workhorse

15.20 Improving efficiency of the current infrastructure
Benoit Senellart, LISA Airplanes
Erick Herzberger, LISA Airplanes

15.40 Afternoon tea

16.10 Moving the passenger to the centre of the value chain
Democratising and lowering the costs of business travel
Dynamic, affordable, on-demand, point - to - point air services
Andrew Hughes, Kestrel 2.0

16.30 Working with regulators and other stakeholders
Educating lawmakers
How to get your message across
Moderator: Aoife O’Sullivan, The Air Law Firm
Juergen Weise, EBAA

17.10 Pitch at Revolution.Aero
Raj Singh, JetBlue Ventures
James Nettleton, InMotion Ventures
Lisa Peterson, Gogo Business Aviation

18.00 Cocktail reception hosted by Rolls-Royce

RR new logoo small.png

Day two

8.30 Refreshments

9.00 Day two opening remarks

09.05 Picking winners
Investing in aircraft versus other aviation companies
How can you estimate the time need to get certification?
Do early investors in any transportation revolution get payback
Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
James Nettleton, InMotion Ventures
Alice Ferrari, Founders Factory
Angela Shi, Plug & Play Tech Centre
Raj Singh, JetBlue Technology Ventures

9.45 Why blockchain fits aviation
Benefits of blockchain: traceability, security, efficiency and security
Where it can make a difference
Aiham Bader, Click Aviation
Aleks Kowalski
Alex Tai, Virgin Group

10.25 Identifying early stage opportunities
How can you get to most viable product?
What type of investors are most support
Katerina Barilov, Shearwater Aero Capital

11.05 Morning coffee

11.35 How Blockchain could rethink aircraft finance
Tokenisation of aircraft
Creating a new ecosystem for aircraft leasing

11.55 The first securitised token offering for aviation
How tokenisation works
Making money from aircraft ownership
Andy Hudson, Jupiter Aviation

12.15 Disrupting the Business Jet - but how?
Ryan Wood, Frontline Aerospace
Nasrin Ebrahim, Pegasus Universal Aerospace 
Reza Mia, Pegasus Universal Aerospace

12.45 Avinode
Per Marthinsson, Avinode

13.05 Lunch

14.30 Why freight is great
Why certifying freight is easier
Key freight routes outside urban areas
Moderator: Dean Donovan, Diamondstream Partners
Hannan Parvizan, Volans-i
Felix Arnold, BEE Appliance
Filip Stanev, Dronamics
Alexander Xydas, Flugato
Damian Kysely, Skyports

15.15 Can you really democratise business aviation?
How can you cut costs when margins are already low?
Why empty legs are a distraction?
Limitations with online booking
Moderator: Mark Bisset, Clyde & Co
Clive Jackson, Alyssum
Adam Twidell, PrivateFly
Eymeric Segard, Lunajets
Andy King, FLYT

15.55 Afternoon tea

16.25 Distributed Aviation - A future history of how
electric aviation got us there
The rise of the eLCCs
The end of hub and spoke airports
Darrell Swanson, Swanson Aviation Consultancy

16.45 Is this the end for helicopter & jet operators?
When aircraft are autonomous who needs an operator?
Is the future for aircraft management software rather than people?
Underestimating regulators
Will Fanshawe, Halo Aviation
Christophe Lapierre, Luxaviation Group
Richard Koe, WINGX
Glen Heavens, Synergy Aviation

17.25 Pushing tin – why air traffic control is the key
How can regulators cope with 1000s of aircraft?
Will airspace just become as congested as roads?

18.00 Closing remarks