With a mixture of 15 minute (TED-style) presentations and in-depth panels, Revolution.Aero San Francisco will bring you new insights you can use. 

There will also be lots of opportunities for you to shape the debate with live and electronic Q&A at the end of each session - as well interactive polling and the opportunity to post anonymous comments. You do not just sit and listen, you lead the content.

All attendees will also vote for the winners during Pitch@Revolution.Aero 

If you are interested in speaking please email:


Topics already confirmed for san Francisco 2019:

How the Inability to Raise Capital could hold the Revolution back

 The bizjet tech arms race
Changing the industry from the inside
Is there enough data for one company

Why electric aircraft are the future of flight training
The pilot challenge
Why training fits electricity

How do you forecast a market that does not exist?
What industries can you compare VTOL to?
Regulation and other black swans?