With a mixture of 15 minute (TED-style) presentations and in-depth panels, Revolution.Aero San Francisco will bring you new insights you can use. 

There will also be lots of opportunities for you to shape the debate with live and electronic Q&A at the end of each session - as well interactive polling and the opportunity to post anonymous comments. You do not just sit and listen, you lead the content.

All attendees will also vote for the winners during Pitch@Revolution.Aero 

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topics being covering at Revolution.Aero San Francisco 2019:

Fireside Chat: Federal Aviation Administration
Daniel Elwell, FAA

How the inability to raise capital could hold the revolution back

Kirsten Bartok, AirFinance

How soon will Fixed Wing Electric become widespread?
Hybrid electric vs. fully electric
eVTOL vs fixed wing

Moderator: Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
Eric Bartsch, VerdeGo Aero
Roei Ganzarski, magniX
Kevin Noertker, Ampaire

How do you forecast a market that does not exist?
What industries can you compare VTOL to?
Regulation and other black swans?

Doug Reinart, Porsche Consulting

Aviation Title: from handwritten documents to Blockchain
Aircraft title vs property title issues
How do you get stakeholder buy in?

Clay Healey, AIC Title Service

Why certification is just one hurdle: Operating innovative aircraft
How does flying work today - Part 135 & Part 91 for beginners
How to make sure regulators can keep up with new aircraft and business models
Starting the dialogue early – what worries regulators

Moderator: David Norton, Shackleford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton
David Hernandez, Vedder Price

Building a fixed-wing (business) model
What will carriers consider?
What are the challenges?

Moderator: Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
Tom Hsieh, FLOAT Shuttle
Rob McKinney, Mokulele Airlines

Rethinking aircraft maintenance and parts sales
Keeping the market secure
Traceability and parts

Eye in the sky: NASA’s solution to the future of airborne traffic management

Joseph Rios, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Connecting aviation

Sacha Wetzel, Avfoil

Why electric aircraft are the future of flight training
The pilot challenge
Why training fits electricity

George Bye, Bye Aerospace

Why air traffic control is the key
Will airspace just become as congested as roads?
Keeping the busy skies safe
Are new technologies a help or a hinderence ?

Michele Merkle, FAA

Automakers versus planemakers?
Who is better positioned to sell flying cars?
Collaborations versus going solo

Sam Bousfield, Samson Sky

Bringing virtual reality to aviation
The changing face of flight training

Ryan Pulliam, Specular Theory

Investing in the future of aerospace
How fast can the sector grow?
Lessons from the last 100 years
How the OEM supplier relationship is changing who is driving innovation

Moderator: John Stack, Canaccord Genuity
Ron Epstein, Bank of America Merill Lynch

Keeping leadership in disruptive times
Are airlines and OEMs the right organisations to disrupt aviation?
Can large organisations pivot?
Is aviation biased towards larger organisations?

The bizjet tech arms race
Changing the industry from the inside
Is there enough data for one company