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Alex Tai
Director of Special Projects
Virgin Group

Alex is an experienced Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Executive, among other executive positions Alex has been a Director of the Virgin Group for over 20 years.

Alex Tai began his career training as a fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force after graduating from the Royal Air Force College at Cranwell. Alex subsequently joined his families recruitment business whilst continuing to fly executive aircraft. Alex followed his passion for flying and joined Virgin Atlantic as a pilot In 1995, he was seconded to the Virgin Group Special Project Team in 1997. In 2004 Alex founded the Virgin Galactic project for Sir Richard Branson which was launched with Alex becoming the Chief Operating Officer and subsequently Chairman of the US Commercial Spaceflight Federation.  Alex was promoted to Director of Special Projects for the Virgin Group in 2007.

As a Virgin Group Director Alex worked as a Director of the Virgin Group and Virgin Enterprises investment Team with specific roles in directing investments in technology, media and transportation. Investments of note include Virgin America, Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile (UK,US,Canada), Virgin Active and Virgin Galactic. Alex served as a corporate development lead and investment director representing the Virgin shareholders interests as a Board director on multiple Virgin company investments. Sir Richard Branson credits Alex as the Virgin executive that has deployed the largest amount of Virgin Group funds into some of the most interesting and innovative businesses with excellent returns on invested capital.

Alex has invested though his personal holding company into a wide variety of businesses ranging from Engineering operations in the UK, media  agencies in the UK, US and Europe, application start ups in San Francisco, betting software and installations in Norway and also holds a property portfolio in the UK, France, Greece and the US. Alex enjoys skiing, kitesurfing and fast cars. Alex holds 11 world records in aviation including fastest around the world in both directions east and west about in class set with his close friend Steve Fossett. Alex is married with two daughters.