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Arnaud Didey

Founder & CEO

Arnaud holds an MSc with Majors in Engineering Sciences, Fluid and Solid Mechanics. Arnaud later went on to graduate from ISAE-SUPAERO Aeronautical Engineering School with Majors in Spacecraft Systems & Commercial Aircraft Design

With 20years experience in the Aerospace industry, Arnaud has been trusted by major Spacecraft and Aircraft manufacturers (Thales Alenia Space, Airbus and Airbus Defence & Space) to provide expert consultancy on Spacecraft Propulsion Systems and More Electric Aircraft.

As a prolific inventor, Arnaud has over 25 patents to his name, in the fields of Robotics, Propulsion, Actuation and Aircraft systems.

Arnaud also demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills in co-founding Reach Robotics before returning to the aircraft industry.

More recently Arnaud founded Neoptera Aero to develop a unique tail-sitting eVTOL with a tilting body, for public services and commercial air transportation.