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Bernhard Fragner


Driven by the mantra ‘Passion into Profession’ Bernhard Fragner founded GlobeAir in 2007 with the dream to create a new way of travelling in Europe, by applying an air taxi business model to short-haul flights.

Today GlobeAir is internationally recognized as one of the leading private jet charter operator in Europe, with the world´s largest fleet of Citation Mustang jets, 16 in total.
Passionate about aviation, technology and customer service Bernhard Fragner pushes every day his team to new limits, making sure every charter request is handle with extreme precision and care to exceed clients´ expectations.

Since 2008 Bernhard Fragner has become a very active member of the entry light jet community. In November 2011 he joined the Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) and he became a member of the Council in November 2014. In August 2014 Bernhard Fragner joined the board of directors of the Citation Jets Pilots (CJP) and in 2017 he has been awarded with the prestigious PEGASUS award for his lifetime achievement.

Bernhard graduated as a civil engineer in mechanical plant design from Vienna University and received an MBA in aviation management from the Blue Danube University in Linz, Austria. Furthermore, he holds an ATPL license, including a type instructor endorsement and an EASA FCL type rating examiner authorization. After having worked as a commercial director in industrial plant design for several years he was trained in all EASA post holder management positions at mainly JAAT in The Netherlands.