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Joseph Segura-Conn
advisor, hoversurf Inc

Joseph Segura-Conn is the COO of Hoversurf, a company whose work is leading in the future of manned transportation. Hoversurf is known for creating the world famous Hoversurf Hoverbike!  The Hoverbike has done flights all over the world and is presently being utilized by the Dubai Police Department. Joseph’s role at Hoversurf is to help oversee the development of the Hoverbike and in the prototyping of their 2 person eVTOL air taxi, scheduled to be debuted later this year.  

Joseph secured contract work at a young age, working with some of the top Fortune 500 companies, such as Tesla, Facebook and Mercedes. At the age of 23, Joseph started his own company – Prevail Prototypes – an accelerator focused on providing support at the early stage for entrepreneurs, taking them from an idea all the way to production. Even with helping 50+ companies grow their business, Joseph began a STEAM education school that helped teach people of all ages in the Silicon Valley. His courses focused on educating the public in the necessary steps when creating a product and in turn starting their own business.