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mark page
chief scientist & founding member, dzyne technologies

Mark Page is a co-founder of DZYNE Technologies Incorporated, an Aerospace Engineering company specializing in the creation of innovative, intelligent, autonomous aircraft.   Mr. Page is DZYNE’s Chief Scientist and Vice President.

DZYNE Technologies has developed the ROTORwing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, numerous unmanned aerial system (UAS) programs for both commercial and government clients, and concepts for Blended Wing Body (BWB) business jet and super regional jets. Mr. Page worked at McDonnell Douglas/Boeing for 18 years on projects ranging from the Propfan to the HSCT supersonic transport and became their youngest Technical Research Fellow.  He served as the head of the Aerodynamics Department for the Boeing MD-90 now in service throughout the world. His most rewarding project was the NASA-sponsored BWB.

Mr. Page co-invented the BWB and served as the Technical Program Manager. Since then, Mr. Page has designed five BWB UAS that have flown, including the eventual Northrop Grumman Bat™. 

Mark Page hold patents for the Blended-Wing-Body, trapped-vortex-cavity high lift device, UAV Launch and recovery systems, ROTORwing, and a road-able submarine named DrySub. Mr. Page is published in the areas of BWB design, Propfan Integration, Pilot-in-the-loop Fault-Tree-Analysis, Racecar Aerodynamics, and UAS design.  Mr. Page graduated from the University of Illinois.