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Neil Cloughley
managing director & founder, faradair aerospace

Neil is a passionate and experienced Aviation and IT entrepreneur, utilising his market knowledge within the aerospace sector to create a team and company that is able to deliver an exciting new aircraft. In his 20 year career to date he has built key strategic relationships with some of the largest brands in aviation and the information technology sectors, creating a reputation for successfully closing opportunities and generating significant rates of return.
He comes from a family background based in the security, policing and unmanned air vehicle sectors, setting him on a path to follow in his father’s footsteps, following a 20 year dream of creating a new aircraft and transitioning it into an exciting aviation start-up reality.

His ability to spot new market opportunities is highlighted by his previous tablet computer and mobile communications solution where he partnered with Siemens, SUN Microsystems and others in 2001 to demonstrate one of the world’s first tablet computing opportunities, three years before of Apple invented their I-Pad. Over 280 million tablets have since been sold, despite venture capitalists telling Neil at the time that a ‘tablet’ would never take off – So Neil has now decided to create a product that literally will ‘take off’!

He has first-hand experience working with high profile aviation start-up’s including Virgin Galactic and Virgin America, providing him with valuable insight as to the many pitfalls such businesses can encounter. His success selling various commercial aircraft, including regional jets, enables him to understand the requirements and problems of the aviation market better than many that are currently attempting to enter the urban aerospace sector.