Co-creation: A disruptive approach for disruptive tech?


Successful implementation of disruptive technologies like a 40-seat eVTOL aircraft requires a new approach to company structure and workflow, according to Freshta Farzam.

The CEO and founder of LYTE Aviation which is developing the LA-44 SkyBus, a 40-passenger aircraft capable of vertical takeoff, has just launched a campaign calling on “co-creators” to help get the aircraft into serial production. As well as the LA-44 SkyBus, LYTE is also developing a cargo version aka the LA-44C SkyTruck. Both versions offer a range of 620 miles (1,000 km) with a max speed of 190 mph (300kph).

“We put a strong emphasis on co-creators ‘participating’ in our venture, which goes beyond only jobs or partnerships, but also includes them of course. The new normal in our company is that our co-creators on this journey don’t come to work for the salary only. We are disrupting and redefining employment as well,” Farzam tells Revolution.Aero. “People come to us because they can explore their own hidden talents, their true powers and can more efficiently and productively co-create with us to reach one joint goal: getting a truly disruptive aircraft into serial production.”

Farzam says LYTE is offering co-creators the chance to be part of “writing a legacy”. She notes the aviation industry has not experienced “true disruption” for about sixty years. “Who has a passion for aviation? Whose first motivation is to create aircraft with other like-minded people? That is who we want to join us.”

So what is LYTE Aviation looking for in a co-creator? Farzam says the firm is looking for aerospace engineers and designers all the way up to financial partners, but it is the mindset which is key. “Throughout my own life journey, I have noticed several times that I have been positively surprised by the vast power of keeping titles and roles agile. A doctor became an engineer and a pilot became a hairdresser,” she says.

“We all have so many hidden talents, yet, unfortunately so far we were trained, especially the older generations to stick to one role for decades. That comes with its own value, of course but not many have actually been asked how they can add additional value to other areas with their accumulated expertise. We want our co-creators to come with an open mindset and with courage to use their true powers, maybe powers they never dared to even speak about or combine with their current expertise.”

Any co-creator joining LYTE Aviation comes into a company focused on building a full-scale prototype to begin flight testing in the next two years. The firm has a number of global partners including Kookiejar in Sweden, Vman in India, Twente Airport in the Netherlands, Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions in the US and Inmarsat in the UK.