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Nikhil Goel
Head of product, elevate, uber

Nikhil is the Head of Product for Elevate at Uber. Over the last several years at Uber, Nikhil has held leadership roles across the Emerging Markets and Rider Experience teams before jointly founding the company's aviation department and authoring the Uber Elevate whitepaper in 2016 with Uber’s former Chief Product Officer, Jeff Holden. Nikhil is deeply passionate about helping cities become smarter, better, more efficient places to live. Elevate is squarely focused on this mission with Uber Air—Uber’s initiative to fast-forward to the future of aerial ridesharing through the deployment of partner-built electric air taxis across cities globally—as well as the company’s more nascent drone delivery program for Uber Eats.

 Before Uber, Nikhil served as a management consultant for consumer technology companies at McKinsey & Company, and he held Product roles at YouTube, Xbox, and Microsoft Office before building two online marketplace startups. Nikhil graduated from Vanderbilt University and grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, “Rocket City”, where his first job was at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.