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Paul Touw
Entrepreneur and Investor

Paul Touw is an entrepreneur spanning 25 years in both technology and aviation startups. Mr. Touw is a co-founder of Stellar Labs, Inc., which builds and delivers innovative flight operations management, commercial management, and global distribution systems for business aviation.

Mr. Touw began his career as an aerospace engineer and would later found or join six startups in Silicon Valley, three of which he served as CEO and two having public exists. He founded Ariba in 1996, the first B2B e-commerce marketplace serving Fortune 500 companies. He then founded XOJET in 2005, which today is the largest floating fleet charter operator in the U.S.

His most recent venture, Stellar Labs, capitalizes on both his backgrounds in marketplace technology and aviation charter. Mr. Touw is married with three children and lives in Saint Helena, California. He is also a private pilot.