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Per Marthinsson
Founder & Managing director, avinode

Per Marthinsson co-founded Avinode in 2001, alongside Niklas Berg and Niclas Wennerholm. They had the youthfully grand ambition to pull the printed directory-bound charter industry into the digital world, with the vision of making it as easy to book a private jet as it is to book a commercial flight. Fifteen years later, the trio are now universally accepted as responsible for revolutionizing the way the business aviation industry operates.

The Avinode Group now also streamlines how flights are managed, sold and operated through its sister company SchedAero - a modern, web-based flight scheduling system, currently used by 400 companies worldwide. And in November 2016, the Group launched their answer to the final pain-point in the industry: PayNode – the world’s first payment platform created specifically for the business aviation market. Through these three complementary offerings, the Avinode Group presents an unrivalled, end-to-end solution for the charter space.