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CharterPad is a dynamic charter platform with a growing collection of over 20,000 aircraft housed in one convenient data center. Built by the Charter Professional, for the Charter Professional, our platform allows you to connect with aviation peers across the globe while easily searching for flights, posting fleet availability and finding empty legs. 

The CharterPad Trip Board displays thousands of active flights every day, keeping you updated on the go with alerts sent directly to your phone wherever you are. For brokers and operators alike, CharterPad is your intelligent virtual assistant. For more details, visit charterpad.com. 

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Based in Oklahoma City, OK, AIC is the industry leader in title search, escrow, FAA Aircraft Registry document submission, transaction management, lien clearance and International Registry services for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. A technological infrastructure, including the Aircraft Closing Room® secured by Blockchain, capable of delivering superior reliability, efficiency, and performance combined with the industry’s most experienced, dedicated, and customer service-oriented staff has been the key to AIC’s success. 

WE PROVIDE TITLE INSURANCE: As with any large purchase or loan, as an aircraft owner or lender, your interests need to be protected against any title problems that could divest you of your interest in the aircraft. For a one time premium, have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected.

Our job is to serve you in all of your aircraft documentation and transaction management needs. If you have any questions about any of our services, please call us at: 1-800-288-2519 or visit our website for online 24/7 services at: www.AICTITLE.com

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Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP is a full-service law firm representing a broad range of aviation businesses and activities, as well as financial institutions, real estate owners and developers, automobile dealerships, members of the entertainment industry, and various other businesses in legal matters across the country.  Our aviation practice encompasses the full range of transactional, tax and regulatory issues affecting personal, corporate and charter aircraft owners and operators, managers and servicers, and we have a unique set of talents and experience that distinguishes us from many other law firms. 

We  provide a fully integrated approach to addressing our clients’ aviation needs, with the ability to efficiently address all of their aviation-specific transactional, regulatory, corporate governance, risk and crisis management, tax, commercial dispute resolution, and public law and policy issues as they arise.

 We are a mid-market firm comprised of some of the best big-firm talent available.  Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of aviation-specific legal counsel at less-than-big-firm pricing.  For more information, please contact the head of our aviation practice – David T. Norton – at (214) 780-1407 and dnorton@shackelford.law and learn more about our firm at www.shackelford.law.