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Reza Mia
Founder & CEO, Pegasus Universal Aerospace

Dr Reza is the founder of Pegasus Universal Aerospace, a South African born Aerospace company. His been referred to as Leonardo de Vinci for being broadly diversified in his expertise in medical aesthetics, art, science and planes. Having graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a medical degree at the age of 23, Dr Reza sought to enhance his studies by pursuing an MBA from the University of Liverpool, having obtained multiple distinctions. Dr Reza was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship for Entrepreneurship from the London School of Business and Finance for an MSc Finance & Investment degree where he majored in investment banking and capital markets, graduating with Merit.

Most notably, Dr Reza completed a dissertation in Aerospace OEM analysis and to add to this his just recently obtained his Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the Centre of higher education. Dr Reza is also currently a PPL- Private Pilot student.  Visit him at @pegasus_ua