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sacha Wetzel
Director, avfoil

Sacha has had the privilege of being involved is a wide range of logistics and aviation activities and has seen intimately a lot of processes in a hands on way.

During the last 13 years Sacha has been setting up thee business including supply chain, networks of a leading aviation company involved with Airbus and Safran products. Through that experience he has seen the need for a new initiative to capture knowledge, refine it and allow the users to exponentially grow their operating abilities, to grow in intelligence and to create a different better future for their businesses.

2011 we starting out creating the team which has become Avfoil, Av to represent Aviation, Foil to represent refined, redirected, concentrated flow that gives lift to something.

At Avfoil they wake up each day to learn faster, to go further, and use everything we have change the current air mobility paradigm into a better more efficient and universally new reality.