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Avfoil is an aviation ecosystem management tool.

In the last 5 years the world of flight has seen some large changes in technological abilities, Drones than can carry people, hybrid turbine electric helicopters, high speed large passenger jet concepts that will use the cabin as a wing and many more great leaps humanities understanding aviation. 
Avfoil recognised this in 2011 and started on a path to provide the management tools that match the advancements needed for the new efficiency and greater delivery numbers of tomorrow. 
At Avfoil Market place we provide one of those tools to effectively promote your business, your products and your services. Along with that our activity management system allows you to communicate with your customers, track sales, generate invoices, see reports on your success, manage inventory, and much more important abilities that a modern aviation business should have.

We at Avfoil see the drone market as a big part of the future of aviation and think it deserves its own place to present its self so as not to be lost in a sea of other products that don’t have any connection to being airborne.

In Avfoil you find a place where people who look skyward find a community that understands them, a technical advancement that matches their dreams and a place to call home. www.avfoil.com


CharterPad is a dynamic charter platform with a growing collection of over 20,000 aircraft housed in one convenient data center. Built by the Charter Professional, for the Charter Professional, our platform allows you to connect with aviation peers across the globe while easily searching for flights, posting fleet availability and finding empty legs.

The CharterPad Trip Board displays thousands of active flights every day, keeping you updated on the go with alerts sent directly to your phone wherever you are. For brokers and operators alike, CharterPad is your intelligent virtual assistant. For more details, visit charterpad.com.

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Based in Oklahoma City, OK, AIC is the industry leader in title search, escrow, FAA Aircraft Registry document submission, transaction management, lien clearance and International Registry services for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. A technological infrastructure, including the Aircraft Closing Room® secured by Blockchain, capable of delivering superior reliability, efficiency, and performance combined with the industry’s most experienced, dedicated, and customer service-oriented staff has been the key to AIC’s success. 

WE PROVIDE TITLE INSURANCE: As with any large purchase or loan, as an aircraft owner or lender, your interests need to be protected against any title problems that could divest you of your interest in the aircraft. For a one time premium, have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected.

Our job is to serve you in all of your aircraft documentation and transaction management needs. If you have any questions about any of our services, please call us at: 1-800-288-2519 or visit our website for online 24/7 services at: www.AICTITLE.com.

Wheels Up is a revolutionary membership-based private aviation company that significantly reduces the upfront costs to fly privately, while providing unparalleled flexibility, service and safety. Created and led by renowned entrepreneur Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up offers guaranteed availability to its private fleet of new Beechcraft King Air 350i and Citation Excel/XLS aircraft to individual, family and corporate members. With the cutting-edge Wheels Up mobile app, members can seamlessly book flights, manage their accounts, participate in ride-share opportunities and select Hot Flights, a vast selection of one-way “empty leg” flights that are posted daily to the app and updated in real time. Members also have access to Wheels Down, a program featuring exclusive events and experiences, unique partner benefits and a full-service luxury concierge. www.wheelsup.com

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Shackelford has an internationally-recognized aviation law practice, composed of attorneys with a deep well of aviation industry and aviation law experience. We understand the needs of our aviation industry clients and provide a full range of legal advice with respect to all aspects of their aviation legal issues and challenges.

Shackelford helps our clients with the purchase, sale, operations, leasing, management and financing of their aircraft and aircraft-related businesses. We assess all of the applicable regulatory, tax and risk management issues that apply to their operations, working with them to make sure they fully understand the range of options they have so that they can best meet their individual goals while complying with those requirements. www.shacklaw.net

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