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starr ginn

Starr Ginn has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from California State University Northridge and a Master’s of Aerospace Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles. Starr has been interning at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center since she was 17 years old. Starr has been involved in supporting flight research for many different classes of Aircraft; SR-71, F-15B, F-18 Active Aeroelastic Wing, X-45, B-52/X-37, Pad Abort 1, Global Observer, Phantom Eye, X-56 and X-57.

Starr has been the Deputy Aeronautics Research Director for 3 years at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, helping to shape the strategic formulation of aeronautics research goals. Since 2012, Starr has the portfolio developer for Electric Aircraft Research at AFRC, including AirVolt, HEIST, X-57 and the NASA Convergent Aeronautics Solutions Project incubation.