Revolution.Aero Global 2021

29 June-1 July 2021 | Virtual Event

The 2021 event provided an unique opportunity to see into the future. The three day event looked at key developments in the future of flight featuring the industry leaders who are driving the fourth aviation revolution. Agenda

Day One

Day One

Why Wheels Up want to lead the Revolution
Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up

Let’s talk about it: continuing aviation’s safety success
Ben Tigner, Overair 
Josh Aronoff, Overair 

SPAC to the future
Why aviation?
How to find targets
What do they need to go public?

Moderator: Yuvan Kumar, Revolution.Aero
Eric Affeldt, Experience Investment Corp.
Kirsten Bartok Touw, AirFinance  
Davina Kaile, Pillsbury Wnthrop Shaw Pittman

Staying ahead of the revolution 

Living the innovator’s dilemma
Innovation centres and Venture funds

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Oz Eliav, Cockpit Innovation 
Thomas d’Halluin, Airbus Ventures
Jim Lockheed, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Brian Schettler, Boeing HorizonX 

Disrupting from within
David Rottblatt, Eve Urban Air Mobility

Come Together: Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act 
Moderator: David Norton, Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton
Ed Bolen, NBAA
Katie Kentfield, United States Senate

The electric aviation evolution 
How far have we got?
Batteries, charging – what are the biggest problems to solve?
Moderator: Adam Twidell, OneSky
George Bye, Bye Aerospace
Allen Gardner, Skydweller Aero
Bruno Mombrinie, Metrohop  
Kevin Noertker, Ampaire

Public Use Cases of eVTOL & Next Gen Aviation technology
Moderator: Robin Riedel, McKinsey & Company  
Carl Dietrich Jump Aero 
Nathan Diller, AFWERX 
Yolanka Wulff, CAMI

Building ecosystem and infrastructure
Yesh Premkumar, Hyundai Urban Air Mobility

Certification of eVTOL Aircraft: Leveraging Engineering Simulation to Ensure Safety & Structural Integrity
James Pura, Hexagon

Day Two

Day Two

State of the (AAM) Union Address
The fourth annual guide from UP.Partners
Cyrus Sigari, UP.Partners 

Winning: Who will win in the AAM race?  
Is it too early to say which companies will be the winners?
Cash versus technology versus business model
Moderator: Cyrus Sigari, UP.Partners 
Sergio Cecutta, SMG Consulting 
Mark Moore, Whisper Aero  
Kolin Schunck, Lufthansa Innovation Hub 

Fireside chat: Joby Aviation
Eric Allison, Joby Aviation 

The long way (commuting) home 
The long distance commute
Planes vs. Cars vs. Home
Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners 

The regional commute
John Langford,

A billion dollars here, a billion dollars there 
What are the main assumptions behind AAM/EVTOL/electric aviation forecasts?
What are forecasters missing?
Moderator: Robin Riedel, McKinsey & Co.
Pavan Daswani, Citi Research  
Ronald Epstein, Bank of America
Gregor Grandl, Porsche Consulting

Infrastructure for the revolution
What is missing?
Who will provide the infrastructure?
Moderator: Adrienne Lindgren, Hyundai Urban Air Mobility
Stuart Bloomfield, urban-Air Ports Ltd.
Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners
Clint Harper, City of Los Angeles
Ricky Sandu, urban-Air Port
Chris Sequeria, CJSC LLC

Defining autonomy 
Jim Tighe, Wisk

High-integrity energy management and flight control solutions for AAM 
Justin McClellan, BAE Systems

Aircraft Development in Emerging Tech
Lee Human, AeroTEC

Regulating new technologies 
What are the issues for certifying new technology with the FAA?
Moderator: Laura Jennings Ochoa, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman 
Lee Human, AeroTEC
Peter Lyons, Overair
David Mayman, JetPack Aviation

Day Three

Day Three

CEO chat: BLADE Urban Air Mobility
Rob Wiesenthal, BLADE Urban Air Mobility 

Flying solo: The autonomous future 
Moderator: Mike Stones, Revolution.Aero
Gary Gysin, Wisk 
Anne-Claire Le Bihan, Acubed by Airbus
Andreas Perotti, Ehang
Marc Piette, Xwing 
Luuk van Dijk, Daedalean AI  

Avionics Certification Automated
Filip Verhaeghe, Sol.One

Download Filip’s presentation here

The hydrogen revolution 
Moderator: Mona Dajani, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw

Andy Marsh, Plug Power
Val Miftakhov, ZeroAvia
Michael Tritt, Lane Power & Energy Solutions

Moving towards viability: Regulatory and Operational hurdles to UAM and practical approaches to address them
What are the hurdles the industry faces to viability?
Insights from operators to help with these hurdles
Moderator: Todd Wolynski, White & Case  
David Fowkes, Raymond James 
David Stepanek, Bristow Group 

Financing new assets 
Who will provide debt for new aircraft?
What financiers look for
Moderator: Katerina Barilov, Jump Aero
Edward Gross, Vedder Price 
Shelley Svoren, Infinite Branches
Bill Wolf, Lobo Leasing

The perfect package
Delivering the autonomous revolution
Moderator: Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners
Manal Habib, MightyFly
David Merrill, Elroy Air
Robert Rose, Reliable Robotics
Svilen Rangelov, Dronamics

What is on the Horizon: Looking to the future
Brandon Robinson, Horizon Aircraft