Revolution.Aero 2022

12-13 September 2022 | San Francisco Agenda

Sunday 11th September

18.00 Pre-conference reception and early registration

Monday 12th September

08.00 Refreshments and Registration

08.30 Opening Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
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08.35 Don’t look back in hangar: How have early investments performed
Which types of investments have paid off to date?
Which categories need a lot more capital, and will these funds be available when needed?
When will today’s investments pay off?
Which sectors are being missed?
The technical and regulatory challenges to overcome for eVTOLs
Forecasting the roadmap to mass adoption of eVTOLs
Where will we be at Revolution.Aero 2027?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Jim Lockheed, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Brian Schettler, AE Industrial Partners
Jim Adler, Toyota Ventures
Francois Chopard, Starburst
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09.15 FAA Keynote Address
Lirio Liu, Federal Aviation Administration
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09.35 How democratised is personal aviation?
The supply demand imbalance
What needs to happen for more growth?
Opportunities with AAM
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Andrew Collins, Sentient Jet & OneSky
Rob Wiesenthal, Blade Air Mobility
Vinayak Hedge, Wheels Up
Ben Howard, KinectAir
Matthew Sattler, Supernal
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10.15 Morning Coffee hosted by Bristow Group

10.35 The regional aviation revolution
Do we need a separate ecosystem?
Potential in small, under-served airports
Cross modality co-operation
Where globally is best prepared?
Adam Twidell, Onesky
James Stewart, Electra.Aero
James Dorris, Odys Aviation
Kevin Noertker, Ampaire
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11.10 $14bn+ and growing: The funding behind aviation startups
Funding trends by technology area
Breakdown of investor base
The rise of aerospace CVCs
What is the next for aviation start-up funding
Jay Carmel, Avascent
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11.30 Delivering on freight
Why freight first?
Weight vs range
BVLOS vs automated vs piloted
Moderator: David Fowkes, Raymond James
David Merrill, Elroy Air
Joshua Resnick, Parallel Flight
Svilen Rangelov, Dronamics
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12.10 Lunch hosted by OneWeb

13.30 AAM regulation changes in US & Europe
Moderator: David Norton, Shackelford, McKinley, Bowen & Norton
Chris Rocheleau, NBAA
Robert Baltus, EBAA
Tim Obitts, NATA
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14.05 Fireside Chat: Preparing for the new financial climate
Extending the financial runway
Kirsten Bartok-Touw, New Vista Capital & New Vista Acquisition Corp
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14.25 Flying on the public markets
Lessons from the SPAC bonanza
How much cash do you need to get production?
Does listing make sense for trailblazers?
Moderator: Savanthi Syth, Raymond James
Mark Mesler, Archer Aviation
Eduardo Couto, EVE Urban Air Mobility
Jonathan Ornstein, Mesa Air
Martin Peryea, Jaunt Air Mobility
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15.05 Vertical Integration: Build vs Buy
Pros and cons of vertical integration
How to decide what to outsource?
Is building whole ecosystems too ambitious?
Moderator: Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
Andreas Raptopoulos, Matternet
Carl Dietrich, Jump Aero
Lukas Obrist, Swiss Drones
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15.45 Afternoon Tea hosted by Bristow Group

16.05 Powering the revolution
How fast is technology advancing?
Lessons from other industries
What is the best battery business model
Moderator: Elan Head, The Air Current
Richard Wang, Cuberg
Nathan Millecam, EPS Energy
Yesh Premkumar, Supernal
Max Liben, H3X
Shashank Sripad, And Battery Aero
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16.45 [email protected]

Judges: Jannis Toepfer, Supernal
Brian Schettler, AE Industrial Partners

Skyroads Pitch Pitch
Flightline Technologies Pitch
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17.55 Closing Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero

18.00 Cocktail Reception hosted by Luxaviation

Tuesday 13th September

08.00 Refreshments and Registration

08.30 Opening Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero

08.35 Crystal Balls: Forecasting the future of flight
Avoiding undershooting or getting carried away
What are the biggest risks in forecasting AAM
Are we about to enter the valley of disillusionment?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Robin Riedel, McKinsey & Company
Darshan Divakaran, AFWERX
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08.55 Fireside Chat: The only way is UP
Looking beyond the hype
Cyrus Sigari, UP Partners
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09.35 What is next for Zipline?
Conor French, Zipline
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09.55 Scaling carrier economics to small AAM aircraft
Moderator: David Spurlock, DiamondStream Partners
Myles Goeller, Reliable Robotics
David Fowkes, Raymond James
Marc Ausman, Electra.Aero
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10.35 Morning Coffee hosted by Bristow Group

10.55 Rethinking Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Why not all SAFs are equal?
How can producers lower costs?
How can more production be encouraged?
Is production scalable and what are the barriers?
Hooman Yazhari, Kiverdi
Dan Robertson, Kiverdi
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11.15 How Aerial Mobility will transform the economy
How changes in the relative cost of aviation vs ground transportation will ripple through the economy?
What changes can we expect to see in the future transportation network?
How will this effect the utilisation of physical assets?
Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
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11.35 Operating advanced aircraft
Lessons from existing experts
Why operating is the hardest job in business aviation

Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Bryan Willows, Bristow Group
Christophe Lapierre, Luxaviation
Chris Courtney, CAE
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12.10 Lunch hosted by OneWeb

13.30 Is Hydrogen the answer?
Retrofitting vs new aircraft
Is low altitude operation a hindrance?
When can it be overcome?
Moderator: Elan Head, The Air Current
Lee Human, AeroTEC
Alex Ivanenko, HyPoint
Anuj Totapudi, ZeroAvia
Loris Gliner, Universal Hydrogen
Bob Criner, Stralis Aircraft
Anita Sengupta, Hydroplane
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14.15 The scalability of SAF
Darren Fuller, Alder Fuels
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14.30 Conscious Aircraft
Why connected aircraft is just the start
What needs to be measured?
Is this the end of unscheduled maintenance?
Moderator: Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners
Ben Griffin, OneWeb
Anthony Pucciarella, Alaris Pro
Jed Kalkstein, GPMS
Andrew Donnelly, Collins Aerospace
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15 05 Autonomy – Estoteric philosophy or practical requirements
Stephane Fymat, Honeywell
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15.25 Financing advanced aircraft
Does operating leasing make sense when you cannot predict residual values?
How do you select technologies?
Lessons from commercial aviation and helicopter leasing
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Nigel Leishman, LCI
Andrew Lewis, Mobility Capital
Katya Bulatova, Alton Aviation Consultancy
Gustavo Semeraro, Lobo Leasing
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16.05 Afternoon Tea hosted by Bristow Group

16.25 Early adoption to gain public acceptance
Leverage 70+ years of vertical lift operations and safety management
Prove this new tech can be operated safely, reliably and efficiently to all stakeholders
The intersection of a revolution in aerospace with the evolution of safety.
Mandy Nelson, Bristow Group

16.45 I think therefore I AAM
Have regulator attitudes shifted?
Does AAM work with pilots?
Moderator: Matt Thurber, AIN Media Group
Earl Lawrence, Xwing
Juerg Frefel, Reliable Robotics
Scot Campbell, Acubed
Luuk van Dijk, Daedalean
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17.25 Defense and the commercial aviation revolution
Nathan Diller, AFWERX
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17.45 Closing Remarks