aviowiki: Aviapartner to become ‘featured provider’



Service provider network, Aviapartner is to become a “featured provider” for aviowiki as the two firms “tighten cooperation” to help improve in-platform viability for its FBO listings.

The deal, which gives Aviapartner a prime digital position at each of 12 designated airports, provides the FBOs with more visibility on both aviowiki’s online webapp and to its API users.

With aviowiki’s API integration, the digital positions will be delivered in a machine-readable format directly into flight software. This offers service providers “a more effective, instant and reliable way of communicating” critical information, said the firm. 

John Kay, General Aviation manager Spain, Aviapartner said: “We are constantly looking for ways to not only gain more visibility for our FBO’s, but also inform our customers of any unforeseen events that may affect operations. Working together with aviowiki we can ensure our information reaches the right people, as quickly as possible.”

According to aviowiki, as the aviation industry moves towards more automation, the demand for standardised digital data is growing. “Less staff and an increased workload not only call for simplified and more efficient procedures, but also for a willingness to share data in a more practical and homogeneous way,” it said.