Aciturri to make composites for Deutsche Aircraft’s D328eco



Aciturri Aerostructures will supply selected composite technologies for Deutsche Aircraft’s D328eco. The contract, signed at Farnborough Air Show this week, says that Aciturri will manufacture the fairings, landing gear doors and flight control movables, using composite and metallic technologies. Aciturri will also oversee the assembly of the components for integration on the final assembly line.

The two firms have already been working towards the “industrialisation” of the programme. The aim is to deliver the first parts for the prototype of the aircraft (T1) in the last quarter of 2024. In addition, some parts of the subsequent prototype and test aircraft planned for 2025. 

Aciturri’s expertise and experience as a aerostructures manufacturer is an important part in the development of the D328eco regional and special mission turboprop aircraft according to Deutsche Aircraft.

Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche said: “Aciturri’s existing engineering and sustainability capabilities fully allow Deutsche Aircraft to meet time-to-market objectives of the D328eco, in alignment with Aciturri’s footprint based on an increased energy-efficient manufacturing lifecycle. We take pride in sharing the same vision on sustainability in our industry and are leading the way today to further develop innovative concepts.”

Álvaro Fernández Baragaño, CEO of Aciturri said participating in the D328eco project is an excellent opportunity to bring technological and industrial experience and capabilities to the development of a modern and sustainable aircraft. 

“Regarding the possible scope for further collaboration both companies are focused on developing new technologies to support the urgently needed transition to an aircraft industry that is sustainable, by reducing our carbon footprint through cleaner production processes. I am confident that this is just the first step on a long road of common collaboration of Deutsche Aircraft and Aciturri,” said Baragaño.