Loris Gliner

Loris Gliner is the Director of Powertrain Engineering and flight test at Universal Hydrogen where he leads the development of MW-scale hydrogen electric powertrain for regional aircraft. He joined Universal Hydrogen in 2020 as the company’s second employee. Prior to Universal Hydrogen, Loris worked at Airbus UpNext in Toulouse, France, where he researched autonomous taxi, take-off, and landing technologies for large commercial aircraft as part of the Airbus ATTOL A350 demonstrator. He was also a team member of the Perlan Project, a project to fly a stratospheric glider to conduct high altitude scientific research. He took part in three flight test campaigns in southern Patagonia Argentina, including the 2018 campaign when the Perlan 2 glider and its 2 pilots flew to 76,000 ft, surpassing the U2 spy plane and setting a world altitude record for subsonic flight. Loris has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College London and is a licensed pilot.