Volocopter and Lufthansa Industry Solutions cooperate to build VoloIQ



Volocopter will partner with Lufthansa Industry Solutions to build an integrated digital platform called VoloIQ, run on Microsoft Azure.

VoloIQ aims to provide a unified solution to the various components in the air taxi ecosystem. Namely customer service, optimised aircraft utilisation, data collection and safety. 

It is the digital backbone for enabling the whole Volocopter Urban Air Mobility Services ecosystem and serves as the brain for our air taxi services,” said Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter.

Volocopter is choosing to work with Lufthansa Industry Solutions because of its experience with certified aviation processes and large-scale aircraft operations.

Digital platforms and integrated solutions are the key to scale operations globally. They allow a seamless connection between existing ecosystems and new services,” said Bernd Appel, Managing Director of Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

Until commercial operations of VoloCity air taxis start, VoloIQ will play an integral part in flight testing and building up test operation facilities. Volocopter recently announced collaborations with Japan Airlines and the City of Paris.