Eve, Joby Aviation and Wisk are founding members of AAM Roundtable



Eve Air Mobility, Hyundai UAM, Joby Aviation, Lilium and Wisk are some of the founding members of a new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Roundtable, formed by the NBAA.

The AAM Roundtable will be a forum for high-level policy planning with sector leaders, to integrate AAM technologies into the US’s airspace and infrastructure. 

“On-demand air mobility offers tremendous opportunities, especially for business aviation,” said NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen.

The NBAA AAM Roundtable will provide a voice for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) developing electric vertical take-off and landing transport (eVTOL) vehicles and other systems, with regard to airport access, airspace management and local community engagement. 

Andre Stein, CEO of Eve, which launched in October 2020, told : “We want to do more than what a typical OEM does today. Be part of that [urban air mobility] operation, but also go one step further and engage you with the local operators – both from fixed wing and helicopter worlds – to sell capacity.”

Textron Aviation also announced the consolidation of its work with emerging technologies.

The first meeting took place in February 2021, with additional meetings planned throughout the year.

Companies interested in participating in the AAM Roundtable can contact NBAA senior vice president, Government Affairs, Christa Lucas here.