Flying Group pre-orders 50 VX4s from Vertical Aerospace



Belgium-based business jet operator Flying Group has pre-orderd up to 50 VX4 eVTOLs from Vertical Aerospace. The integration of the VX4 into Flying Group’s existing services will provide customers with a regional air mobility alternative to “transform” their first and last 100mile journeys.

The two firm’s have agreed to launch a joint working group (JWG) to begin exploring what business aviation applications exist for the VX4, including individual ownership, low volume operation and fractional ownership. The JWG will also explore the potential for an MRO service centre, potentially granting Flying Group the right to perform MRO services for the VX4 fleet. Flying Group, which began operations in Antwerp in 1995, currently manages 45 conventional aircraft.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder & CEO, Vertical Aerospace, said: “We are delighted to partner with Flying Group to change the way people travel throughout the business aviation market. With this provisional pre-order, Flying Group can look to a future where they can continue to provide quality to business clients – but now with zero emissions.”

This partnership increases Vertical’s conditional pre-order book to up to 1,400 aircraft with a total value of $5.6bn.

The piloted, zero operating emissions four-passenger VX4, is projected to be capable of travelling distances of 100miles (160km), at a top speed of 200mph (320km/h).

Bernard Van Milders, founder of Flying Group, said: “Going electric is the next big step in our sustainability plan. Not only will we be expanding our fleet with the most advanced electric eVTOLs; we will be able to accommodate our clients and guests with the newest zero-carbon ‘door-to-door’ private and business aviation. By connecting airports with cities and ports, Flying Group is bringing a new wave of business travel to corporations and individuals.”