Inzpire and Callen-Lenz to operate UAS services



Inzpire Limited and Callen-Lenz are forming a team to deliver operational “turn-key” uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) services to militaries, governments, emergency services and national infrastructures.

As part of the collaboration, Callen-Lenz will provide the fully capable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms, Koios and Fregata. Callen-Lenz will help Inzpire to operate the platforms enabling it to develop a structured training programme.

Inzpire will also provide operational UAS/ISR crews and intelligence analysts. This means that the Inzpire and Callen-Lenz team can either conduct processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) on behalf of the customer, or can supply the necessary equipment, platforms and personnel expertise to enable the customer to do their own.

Andy Bain, head of ISR Division at Inzpire, said: “Together, Inzpire and Callen-Lenz will be able to provide the customer with extensive UK sovereign capability. As the go-to specialists in UAS design, manufacture and testing, Callen-Lenz provide class-leading UAS platform and sensor options. Therefore, I am delighted that Inzpire’s ISR Division has teamed up with them to provide our clients with a turn-key UAS/RPAS service solution.

“The solution will be managed by highly experienced military veterans who are ready to operate Callen-Lenz systems in challenging, fast-paced multi-domain missions in demanding conditions,” Bain added.

With 15 years’ of UAS experience across the military and civil domains, Callen-Lenz provides in-house air system design and manufacturing, operational UAS and avionics including flight control and mission management systems, as well as aviation services and consultancy.

Jonathan Webber, CEO of Callen-Lenz, said: “Through teaming up with Inzpire I am certain that the novel, cutting-edge solutions that we deliver, along with the capabilities offered by Inzpire will enable us to offer enhanced capabilities to our current and future customers. We recognise the value of collaboration to move much faster in the market and reach more customers.”