ASL Group and Lilium sign agreement for six eVTOLs



ASL Group has signed an agreement with Lilium to purchase an initial six Lilium Jets and develop a network of landing sites in the Benelux region. 

Belgium-based ASL Group, the owner of the first electric aircraft in the country, launched its Responsible Initiative for Sustainable Environment (RISE ) in 2020, this latest agreement forms part of the programme.

Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium said: “ASL Group is a truly innovative company with a vision to provide the best services for its customers, evaluating how to best transform our industry to minimize CO2 emissions. Our aircraft performance and low noise profile will be a great addition to ASL’s fleet. With the highest population density in Europe, Benelux represents a perfect use case for eVTOL transportation, and we are proud to support ASL’s development in the region”.

Under the agreement, the two firms will work to establish an eVTOL network across Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Western Germany.

Philippe Bodson, owner and CEO of ASL Group said: “Our company is constantly seeking new ways to operate responsibly and contribute to a healthy future, both socially and ecologically. The Lilium Jet is a great opportunity to provide better value to our customers in a sustainable way. With zero operating emissions, vertical take-off landing capability and a spacious premium cabin, Lilium represents the best option on the market.”

The proposed arrangement between ASL Group and Lilium is subject to the parties finalising commercial terms and entering into definitive agreements.