Flight Crowd joins Inmarsat’s Velaris network



Flight Crowd has joined Inmarsat’s Velaris Partner Network in an effort to raise awareness and ensure public acceptance of UAM operations. 

The “first-of-its-kind” partnership between the two firms, announced at the Farnborough Airshow 2022 today (July 21, 2022), will focus on collaborative outreach projects.

These projects aim to improve understanding of the air mobility sector for both the public, government and wider aviation industry.

Anthony Spouncer, Inmarsat Aviation’s senior director, Advanced Air Mobility, said: “To ensure the adoption of Urban Air Mobility is carried out in a managed and sophisticated way, operators must not only have the backing of the industry, but also positive public acceptance. This simply will not be possible without an investment in education, which is exactly what this partnership aims to achieve.” He also said sustained education programmes that reach communities outside of the sector are important.

 The Velaris network is an ecosystem of companies that are pioneering new innovations to facilitate AAM operations. The network utilises Inmarsat’s Velaris global connectivity solution, which was launched in 2021.

Mariya Tarabanovska, founder of Flight Crowd, said: “To help alleviate any public concerns, it is crucial to raise awareness of the operational benefits that UAM and AAM technologies offer. Flight Crowd is excited to combine our expertise to improve public perception and desirability of future flight with the global leader in communications and connectivity. This partnership will help us contribute to the safe and connected future of air mobility, while ensuring the ecosystem is built on transparency, diversity and inclusion. We look forward to working alongside Inmarsat to ensure a positive and transformative future for the industry.”