Japan Airlines sees joint-proposal for AAM in Tokyo accepted


A joint proposal from Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi Estate and Kanematsu Corporation to establish AAM services has been accepted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The purpose of the project, to run until Spring 2025, is to explore a variety of business models based on AAM in the metropolitan area, including transportation services connecting central Tokyo’s major hubs, airport access, scenic flights in isolated island areas. The project will also examine aspects such as operational issues and profitability.

“AAM is expected to help solve a range of social issues by eliminating urban congestion, providing means of transport in regions with underdeveloped transportation infrastructure, using in times of disaster, and also creating new value through reducing travel time and providing private, luxurious mobility experiences,” a statement from the companies read.

In Japan, the Public-Private Committee for AAM is aiming to achieving commercial operation and social implementation by around 2025.

This year, the project will aim to identify issues and solutions associated by conducting surveys and examining business models. These surround construction, necessary conditions, and operation of vertiports that enable high-density, high-frequency AAM services in Tokyo which is overcrowded with buildings.

Next year, launch demonstration operations of intracity access and scenic flights with a helicopter will commence. The project will build two heliports in facilities owned or managed by Mitsubishi Estate and offer scenic flights at the respective heliports and transportation/chartered services connecting the two.

Finally in 2024 through to 2025, the heliports will be expanded and the construction of vertiports with the cooperation of Skyports will be considered.