Flapper and Destinus sign LoI on air cargo routes


European high-speed hydrogen aircraft developer, Destinus has signed a letter of intent with Flapper to open up future intercontinental routes for air cargo in Latin America and Europe.

Over five times faster than today’s fastest commercial aircraft, Destinus plans to make transporting valuable and critical goods faster and more efficient. All while releasing zero carbon emissions into the air during flight.

“Latin America is a key market to us,” said Mikhail Kokorich, CEO of Destinus. “This partnership with Flapper will help us gain direct insight on the express cargo market and to explore new route options across the Atlantic Ocean.”

The cargo segment accounts for about 30% of Flapper’s business, with international transport of goods such as emergency spare parts, medical equipment, banking services, mining products and diplomatic articles.

Paul Malicki, CEO, Flapper, added: “In an emergency, seconds count. The supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic permanently placed aviation at the forefront of specialised cargo operations. By using Destinus’ hydrogen-powered aircraft we intend to shorten the delivery times for existing long-range cargo missions to a fraction of what it is today.”