MintAir signs LoI with for 50 eSTOLs


MintAir has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with to purchase 50 of Electra’s hybrid-electric ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft.

MintAir’s service will initially cover existing domestic South Korean routes and make use of regional airports, later expanding to new infrastructure. For example, MintAir has chosen Seongnam-si, a satellite city of Seoul, as a new AAM hub to provide regional service directly from a major metropolitan population centre. Located in Gyeonggi Province near the Han River, 26 km from the Gangnam district of Seoul, Seongnam City is a metropolis nicknamed Korean Silicon Valley.

Eugene Choi, CEO MintAir, said: “Our mission is to develop the safest Advanced Air Mobility service in both urban and regional routes contributing to decarbonisation of the aviation industry. We selected Electra’s eSTOL because of its superior safety, the energy-saving lift efficiency of its blown-lift technology, lower operating costs, and the clear path to certification as a fixed-wing aircraft.”

Electra’s eSTOL can operate from spaces as small as 300x100ft (90 x 30m). The aircraft is currently being designed to transport up to 1,800lbs (816kg) of cargo or move 9 passengers up to 500miles (800km).

John S. Langford, founder and CEO, said: “MintAir joins over 20 other customers in recognising the performance and cost benefits of Electra’s next-generation electric aircraft. We are excited to work with MintAir as they transform South Korea’s transportation market using Electra’s eSTOL aircraft to provide ultra-convenient air services out of the smallest spaces.”