Electra agree 1,000th eSTOL sale #NBAA


Electra.aero has signed a letter of intent (LoI) for 32 eSTOLs, bringing its total orders to 1,000 aircraft worth over $3bn. 

The latest LoI sale was signed with Welojets at NBAA-BACE 2022. Electra is developing a hybrid eSTOL aircraft. The plane has the ability to take off and land in a space the size of a soccer field and cruise at 175 knots. It also includes in-flight battery recharging. 

The piloted fixed-wing will initially carry up to nine passengers or 2500lbs of cargo up to 400miles in all weather conditions.

John Langford, founder and CEO, Electra said: “We are delighted to have Welojets on board with us for this incredible journey to decarbonise aviation and bring air mobility to entirely new markets. Our quiet, ultra-short takeoff and landing aircraft provides a step change in fuel burn and operating cost reduction and opens markets previously inaccessible to conventional fixed-wing aircraft.”

Welojets joins a broad range of Electra customers including Bristow Group, Harbour Air, Tailwind Air, MintAir, Skyportz and Flapper.

Alfredo Lisdero, president, Welojets said: “We plan to fly the Electra eSTOL aircraft into existing airports as well as use it to expand our operations into smaller markets that cannot be served currently with traditional fixed wing aircraft. Thanks to the Electra aircraft cost and performance advantages, we see many opportunities to grow our services throughout Europe and Latin America.”