Alef sees over 440 orders for its flying car in Q4


Alef Aeronautics amassed over 440 pre-orders for it Model A flying car in Q4 last year. 

Upon delivery, those orders represent over $132m of revenue for the start-up, said the firm. A part of the order is made up by a large Hong Kong-based aviation technology company.

Jim Dukhovny, Alef’s CEO, said: “Alef is aiming to deliver the first real flying car in history, and to receive so many early pre-orders is incredible validation of the market potential we’re looking to satisfy. Further, we’re extremely pleased to see orders from both individual and corporate consumers in such a short space of time after our unveiling. This is a great investment in the key sustainable transportation on the ground and in the air.”

Unveiled in California back in October 2022, Alef plans for the Model A to be the first flying car in commercial production with both street driving and vertical take-off capabilities. It is designed to fit within existing urban infrastructure for driving and parking.

Currently fundraising, existing investors include Draper Associates, Impact VC, Draper B1, Bronco Ventures ad Strong VC.

Alef’s investors include Draper Associates, Impact VC, Draper B1, Bronco Ventures, Strong VC. The company opened pre-orders last year.