H3X releases latest integrated motor HPDM-30


Electric propulsion systems OEM, H3X Technologies has officially released its latest motor drive, HPDM-30.

The HPDM-30 is a 33kW integrated motor drive that weighs just 4.1kg. Developers said there are number of key enabling core technologies that make the HPDM-30 unit possible. Firstly, “exceptional” winding thermal conductivity and copper fill factor: > 36 A/mm^2 continuous; advanced vertically-integrated stator stack and rotor stack manufacturing: >98% stacking factor; a new “discrete” SiC FET inverter with integrated common-mode EMI filtering; a H3X-developed rotor position self-sensing algorithm with no resolver required; and finally an additively manufactured synergistic cooling jacket.

“The HPDM-30 motor has already been built and tested up to 33kW continuously on our in-house dyno and we are shipping out first articles to customers in the aerospace and defence markets this month. We are really excited by our initial dynamometer results, and will continue to push the continuous power rating even higher,” said H3X in a statement on LinkedIn.

More about the technology can be found on H3X’s website, where an order for an HPDM-30 can also be placed. 

H3X confirmed late last year that it was testing its sixth electric propulsion system, HPDM-250, ahead of a ramp up to commercial operations beginning in Q1 2023. Over the past year, the Lakewood, Colorado-based OEM has built five other full-scale HPDM-250 prototypes. The firm will then build a small batch of pre-production units to be delivered to partners and customers towards the end of this year for bench testing and evaluation.

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