EP Systems to supply powertrain for Regent Craft


Electric Power Systems (EP Systems) has entered into a strategic partnership with Regent Craft, to supply the powertrain for Regent’s all-electric seagliders.

Regent’s 12-passenger seaglider, Viceroy, is expected to enter service by mid-decade. The partnership between Regent and EP Systems is a significant development to add to the $8bn in orders from airlines and ferry operators, said Regent.

The seaglider will able to service routes up to 180miles on a single charge quietly. This will have significant benefits, particularly in areas where noise abatement is a concern, such as near residential areas and wildlife habitats, according to developers.

“We are pleased to have EP Systems on board as our battery provider for our full-scale prototype seaglider,” said Regent’s CEO Billy Thalheimer. “Their expertise in producing high-quality, efficient battery technology is second to none, and they share our deep commitment to safety. We are confident that their battery solution will help make the seaglider a true game-changer in the transportation industry.”

EP Systems also provides its electric powertrain system to X-57, Boeing’s CAV (Cargo Air Vehicle), and Bell Helicopter’s hybrid Advanced Air Mobility aircraft, known as Bell Nexus. Nathan Millecam, company CEO said: “EP Systems is thrilled to partner with REGENT to provide the Energy Storage System and the power management system for this innovative Wing in Ground effect vehicle. Our technology will enable the vehicle to achieve greater efficiency, reliable paced operations, and a sustainable solution for this groundbreaking form of transportation.”

EPS adds Regent to a list of customers, which includes NASA, the FAA, Boeing, Diamond Aircraft, Plana, Safran, Supernal and VoltAero.