Brazil and UK to align eVTOL certification


The UK and Brazilian regulatory authorities have signed a letter of intent (LoI) to cooperate and align approaches on eVTOL certification. 

No specific of the agreement have been released as yet. The LoI was signed on Tuesday at the EASA-FAA International Safety Conference in Cologne, Germany.

Roberto Honorato, Airworthiness Department head, ANAC Brazil, said: “With the increasing number of eVTOL activities an important part of the development of this new sector is the cooperation between state of design. I’d like to thank the representatives of the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, that worked to make it possible.”

The LoI means that the UK, Brazil, EU and US are now working towards an aligned approach on eVTOL certification. The UK announced in June last year it would follow the same standards as EASA. The FAA and EASA have confirmed they will both align their approaches, however the FAA is still asking the public for input on its regulations. Those are expected to be published later this year.