FlyingBasket launches 100kg payload drone


FlyingBasket has launched a sling-loadable drone capable of carrying up to 100kg of cargo – the FB3.

Established in 2015, Bolzano, Italy-based FlyingBasket has developed FB3 as a Drone-as-a-Service solution. The firm said it has been in constant contact with operators throughout the development phase to tailor the FB3’s design to their requirements. The drone has now been tested in a variety of environments, including forests, wind parks and urban areas.

Moritz Moroder, CEO of FlyingBasket said: “The FB3 commercial availability is another milestone in the roadmap of FlyingBasket, who continuously commit to innovation, safety, and excellence within the drone industry. It represents a significant leap forward in cargo transportation possibilities. We are excited about the potential it holds for various industries.”

Now available for use, the FB3 offers two cargo transport options: a box compartment for package delivery and a sling rope option for oversized cargo, allowing it to transport even bulky loads.


The FB3’s ground control station provides telemetry, live video feeds and connectivity to ground units through a range of datalinks. (credit: FlyingBasket)

The introduction of heavy-lift cargo drones, like the FB3, marks a milestone in the logistics industry, according to FlyingBasket. These drones have the potential to revolutionise various sectors by streamlining the transportation of heavy equipment to remote and demanding locations, it said.

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