Mayman awarded $2m grant by US DoD for Speeder development


Mayman Aerospace has been awarded a $2m grant via an Other Transaction Authority from the US Department of Defense (DoD).

The US-based air utility vehicle (AUV) manufacturer Mayman had previously received a $1.25m US Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) direct to Phase II grant as part of the AFWERX Agility Prime programme.

This new funding will progress the development of the Speeder and associated technologies, specifically in the context of DoD missions. The initial contract term is 18 months, although the framework enables access to additional funding increments within that timeframe. The next stage for Mayman is to deliver a flying prototype aircraft.

David Mayman, CEO and founder Mayman Aerospace, said: “This funding speaks to The Department of Defense’s confidence in the Speeder aircraft and the associated technology Mayman Aerospace is developing. We are extremely proud to be moving one step closer to delivering never-before-seen mission capability to the men and women working tirelessly on the frontline in defence of our security. 

“The funding accelerates our development schedule and increases our visibility within the US military, supporting the program’s progress. It’s an extremely significant moment for the company and our team, and we’re excited by the possibilities this brings,” he added.

Taking off and landing vertically, the Speeder achieves its performance thanks to vectored thrust from gimballed turbine engines. The new round of DoD funding will investigate advanced technologies, including autonomous navigation for Speeder.