Atlantic Aviation agrees infrastructure deals with Joby and Archer

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation has announced deals with eVTOL race competitors Joby and Archer to explore development of electric aircraft infrastructure in multiple US regions. 

Atlantic and Archer’s memorandum of understanding (MoU) will look at establishing sites for electric aircraft operations in the LA and New York City metropolitan areas, along with Northern California and South Florida.

The deal includes a plan to leverage existing relationships with BETA Technologies to install BETA’s interoperable rapid recharging systems. BETA’s chargers use the Combined Charging System (CCS) that was recently endorsed by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

The firms expect launch of service across initial locations sometime in 2025 and expansion of services to other locations across Atlantic’s facilities as Archer’s aircraft availability scales.

“We are excited to work with Atlantic to help electrify their vast portfolio of high-value aviation assets in America’s most congested cities including the New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco markets,” said Nikhil Goel Archer’s chief commercial officer. “These initial eVTOL vertiport locations will provide a launching pad for future expansion across Atlantic’s portfolio and ensure that our Midnight aircraft has safe, centrally located landing facilities for our future passengers.”

John Redcay Atlantic Aviation chief commercial and sustainability officer added: “We are impressed with Archer’s technology and suite of world-class partners including United Airlines; we are excited to work together to electrify our aviation assets to enable quiet and sustainable urban air travel in cities across the US”

The deal with Joby covers the electrification of existing aviation infrastructure in New York and Southern California, including installation of Joby’s Global Electric Aviation Charging System (GEACS). 

Atlantic has a considerable footprint in major cities across the US, including numerous sites in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. “Infrastructure is a critical piece of the puzzle and Atlantic’s presence in these two key US markets will help ensure we’re well positioned to deliver a meaningful service for our customers,” said JoeBen Bevirt Joby’s founder and CEO.

 Joby recently released the technical specifications of GEACS – which is currently installed at Edwards Air Force Base and Joby’s flight testing facility in Marina, California.

“Through more than 30,000 miles of all-electric vertical flight with full-scale prototype aircraft, our team has fine-tuned a ground support system that allows for the simultaneous recharging of multiple battery packs, external coolant exchange, and secure data offload after flight – making it suitable for all electric aircraft,” explained Bevirt.

Redcay added: “Our collaboration with Joby is a key step in Atlantic’s push to bring existing aviation infrastructure into the future and solidify Atlantic’s leading role in supporting the growth of electric aviation. We will be a technology-agnostic supporter of advanced air mobility and our work with Joby is a key part of that journey.”