Public consultation period for Eve’s eVTOL ends next week


There is just over a week left to offer your view on Eve’s eVTOL aircraft certification to Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

Last month, ANAC extended the period for public consultation on the airworthiness criteria of EVE-100 until March 15th. This criteria will establish the safety requirements that the aircraft must comply to be type certified and operate in Brazil.

The proposed airworthiness criteria were developed with the characteristics of the EVE-100 aircraft and the operational concept proposed by Eve in mind. The aircraft introduces new design elements and “innovative” operational dynamics, “requiring a comprehensive reassessment of type certification requirements”, said ANAC.

The proposal took into account the three different flight phases of the EVE-100, including new requirements for the structural envelope, specific requirements to ensure the stability, manoeuvrability and safety of the aircraft, bird strike impact, as well as an entire new subpart to address specific concerns about electric engines. 

Lightning protection requirements were also adjusted, and the mandatory installation of flight recorders was proposed.

With global operations in mind, ANAC said it considered several interactions with different certification authorities and international organisations to ensure coherence with regulatory frameworks worldwide.

Contributions and suggestions related to the proposed criteria can be submitted electronically until March 15, 2024, by e-mail: [email protected].