ELECTRON Aerospace reveals new aircraft design

ELECTRON Aerospace

ELECTRON Aerospace has revealed an updated design of its all-electric aircraft it calls the ELECTRON 5.

Dubbed the “future workhorse” of regional air mobility, the aircraft was first revealed to the public via the big screen in the office of Steve Varsano founder of London-based broker The Jet Business.

“Taking inspiration from the albatross, our aircraft features an aerodynamically efficient body, robust wings and windows that mimic the bird’s vigilant eyes,” said Alexander Klatt, head of Design at ELECTRON Aerospace.

The inclusion of a cargo door, which the firms says is unheard of in an aircraft of this size, unlocks a range of use cases in regional air mobility. These include transport of up to four passengers, carrying 500kg of cargo, second stage pilot training and medevac flights. The aircraft will offer a max range of 466 miles (750km) with operational range set at 310 miles (500km).

Commercial service entry is expected in 2028 with certification predicted for late 2027.


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