Lilium begins production of battery packs


Lilium has started production of its battery packs to power the Lilium Jet on its first piloted test flight, planned for the end of this year.

The packs, of which there will be 10 in each aircraft, have been in prototype production since 2021.  They are comprised of lithium-ion cells with silicon-dominant anodes that Lilium say will allow for higher energy, power, and fast-charging capabilities than graphite anode cells. Automakers such as Mercedes, Porsche, and GM have plans to incorporate silicon anode technology into some of their electric vehicles.

Designed to meet EASA’s aircraft safety requirements regarding shock resistance, heat resistance, containment and redundancy, Lilium has secured intellectual property rights for its battery technology.  

Yves Yemsi, chief operating officer of Lilium said: “The start of production of the battery packs is a proud moment for Lilium. Battery technology is central to the goal of delivering sustainable regional air mobility, including overcoming the challenges of developing and industrialising a battery pack that will meet the stringent safety standards of aircraft certification. With the start of production of the Lilium Jet’s unique high-performance aircraft battery packs, Lilium has laid a further cornerstone towards realising the vision of electric aviation.”

The battery packs are being assembled at it purpose-built battery factory, located at Lilium’s headquarters outside Munich. The OEM said it has been supported in the design of the assembly line and initial production ramp up by suppliers experienced in battery industrialisation. The firm references the automotive sector, but it also has a partenrship 

Lilium has been supported in the design of the assembly line and initial production ramp up by suppliers with extensive experience in battery industrialisation, including Slovakian firm InoBat.

The first units produced on the assembly line will be used for verification testing ahead of the first piloted flight. Tests reported in a battery webinar in late 2023 show that Lilium’s packs have a capacity retention 88% over 809 full cycles (depth of discharge at 100%).