AIR launches uncrewed cargo variant


AIR has expanded into the cargo and logistics market with an uncrewed variant of its AIR ONE eVTOL. 

Backed by purchase orders, AIR has developed the unmanned eVTOLs for cargo use-cases, in addition to its manned, “personal use” variant. Concluding last year with over $1m in revenue, the additional purchase orders have significantly boosted the company’s revenue projections for 2024 and 2025. With the first cargo aircraft delivered to an undisclosed customer, AIR plans to continue fulfilling the remaining two purchase orders for multiple AIR ONE Cargo units throughout 2024 and the first half of next year.

“AIR’s mission has always been to enable as many people to fly as possible,” Rani Plaut, CEO and co-founder of AIR told us. “After experiencing high demand for a cargo variant for logistics purposes, AIR decided to expand into the cargo industry, using the same platform as the manned AIR ONE.  AIR believes that, to achieve the dream of mass personal flight, eVTOLs must first achieve public acceptance and safety verification. Unmanned eVTOLs support this mission by contributing crucial flight-testing hours and by increasing the public exposure to eVTOLs.”

Capable of caring a 250kg payload, the all-electric AIR ONE Cargo offers a practical long range on a single charge for use cases such as general logistics, humanitarian resupply missions, ship resupply and oil rig logistics. 

The new aircraft also helps to mature AIR’s products and design concepts, contributing flight hours toward safety verification. It also aids in achieving scaled production volume, leveraging AIR’s automotive-based production line.

“Operating unmanned, as we have in our test flights of the manned version, enables us to enter an entirely different certification process. While still thorough, we will be able to achieve this much sooner than the manned variant,” said Plaut.

The news marks the latest milestone for AIR, which announced participation in the US Air Force’s AFWERX Agility Prime programme in December to drive flight testing and additional R&D efforts in the US. 

With 1,170 AIR ONE vehicles for personal use already reserved via preorder and a waiting list, AIR plans to deliver the first batch of aircraft to consumers following aircraft certification.


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