Vaeridion joins Bosch Campus, Germany


Bosch Campus announces the arrival of Væridion, a  company dedicated to advancing electric aircraft technology.

Located at Bosch Campus in Holzkirchen, Germany, Væridion will focus on the development, integration and testing of high-voltage batteries aimed at developing a 100% electric 9-seater regional aircraft by 2030.

“We are thrilled to welcome Væridion to Bosch Campus,” said Jens Hofmann, CFO, ITK Engineering ( a Bosch company). “Væridion’s commitment to electric aviation aligns perfectly with our vision to foster innovation in aerospace technologies, including electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and fuel cell solutions.”

“We plan to write aviation history in Munich: Building safe-to-fly and safe-to-handle batteries for commercial passenger aircraft. The propulsion battery modules are the heart of our aircraft, combining the highest cell-to-pack ratio, designed for Certification requirements, said Dr Sebastian Seeman, CTO, Vaeridion. The Bosch facility gives Vaeridion the perfect environment to further their battery development, continues Seeman.

We believe Væridion will be an invaluable partner as we collectively drive forward the next generation of aerospace solutions,” added Christian Grim, general manager at Bosch General Aviation Technology. “We look forward to collaborating closely with Væridion on this exciting journey.”