Rolls-Royce x Siemens eAircraft



Rolls-Royce announced the acquisition of Siemens’s eAircraft business, which is based in Germany and Hungary. It employs 180 special electrical engineers and designers who have been developing hybrid and all-electric solutions for aircraft.

The acquisition is intended to expedite delivery of Rolls-Royce’s electrification strategy so as to ensure the company’s “major role in the ‘third era’ of aviation.”

Rob Watson, Director – Rolls-Royce Electrical, said: “Electrification is set to have as dramatic an impact on aviation as the replacement of piston engines by gas turbines. We are at the dawn of the third era of aviation, which will bring a new class of quieter and cleaner air transport to the skies.”

Siemens launched its Vision 2020+ company strategy in August 2018 to strengthen its portfolio and financial target system. This came after a development partnership with Airbus in 2016, which saw the two companies creating prototypes for propulsion systems.

Siemens, Airbus and Rolls-Royce also came together to create a hybrid-electric demonstrator called E-Fan X in late-2017.

“Our eAircraft team, under the leadership of Frank Anton, has made aviation history several times in the past ten years and is a pioneer in electric and hybrid-electric systems for aircraft,” said Roland Busch, CTO and COO of Siemens AG in a press release.  “With Rolls-Royce, we’ve found a perfect home for this business and have placed its expertise in the hands of one of Airbus’s close partners.”