Honeywell to provide cockpit technologies for seven-seater Lilium Jet



Honeywell is the latest technical and investment partner for eVTOL developer Lilium’s seven-seater Lilium Jet. It will be providing avionics and flight control systems, including the 36 control surfaces and ducted fans that provide high levels of maneuverability. It is also participating in the common stock private investment in public equity (PIPE) offering in connection with Lilium’s Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) transaction.

Yves Yemsi, chief programme officer, Lilium said: “Honeywell will integrate an advanced flight deck tailored for the Lilium Jet as the central interface to the pilot with a vehicle management computer and a high integrity flight controls computing platform to provide a state-of-the-art fly-by-wire solution for the Lilium Jet.”

The selection of Honeywell’s next-generation Urban Air Mobility avionics system is the result of ongoing collaboration between Lilium and Honeywell. The avionics system is designed to reduce training time and operation by a single pilot.  

Stéphane Fymat, vice president and general manager of Urban Air Mobility, Honeywell, said: “We’re extremely excited for our avionics to be on board the Lilium Jet, where it will help ensure not only safe operation, but also make it easier for pilots to fly and provide a more comfortable journey for those onboard.”

Other suppliers and partners joining Lilium are Toray Industries, Aciturri and Lufthansa Aviation Training. Luxaviation will help the company setup airline operations in Europe. Infrastructure leaders, such as the Tavistock Development Company, and Ferrovial, a leading airport operator, have provided approximately $200m in commitments to the development of up to 14 vertiports in Florida.