Revolution.Aero’s Five on Friday: Flapper, Eve and the UK Civil Aviation Authority



Welcome to this week’s selection of five top stories from the world of advanced air mobility. We include news from Flapper, Eve and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.


Industry News

Flapper and Skyportz select for UAM services has secured purchase commitments for 130 hybrid eSTOL (electric short take-off and landing) aircraft totalling $500m in value, after signing agreements with Flapper and Skyportz.

Eve clinches 100-aircraft order from Avantto

Eve has received a 100-aircraft order from Brazilian aircraft sharing firm Aviation Management Services (Avantto), with deliveries expected to start in 2026.

UK CAA announces eVTOL safety consortium 

Companies including Bristow Group, Halo Aviation and Vertical Aerospace will join the eVTOL Safety Leadership Group (eVSLG) to ensure the safety of eVTOL passenger and drone flights.

EHang and the Spanish police to trial EHang 216

EHang and the Spanish National Police are to trial the use of EHang’s 216 eVTOL in emergency and security missions.

TeTra Aviation’s Mk-5 eVTOL flight testing

Japanese startup TeTra Aviation released footage of its Mk-5 eVTOL in flight. The company launched flight testing of its uncrewed SN2 prototype in California last month under a Special Airworthiness Certificate.