Ascendance Flight Technologies receives LoIs for up to 245 Ateas


French VTOL startup, Ascendance Flight Technologies has received its first purchase intentions from operators in the US, Asia and Europe for a total of 245 units of Atea — its five-seat hybrid-electric VTOL.

Atea is a low carbon alternative to the helicopter, intended for regional use, and will go into production in 2025.

Hybrid-electric technology and distributed propulsion present the safest and fastest solution to move towards a “new, cleaner and more sustainable” air mobility, said Ascendance.

Jean-Christophe Lambert, co-founder and CEO of Ascendance said: “Our project to decarbonise aviation had to be anchored in reality. We built it around the cornerstones of our industry, which are safety, efficiency, resilience, comfort and cost effectiveness. These imperatives are at the heart of our customers’ demands and guide our innovations.”