RUAG to maintain Dufour eVTOLs in new partnership


Swiss aerospace engineering firm, RUAG will provide Dufour Aerospace’s Aero2 eVTOL with maintenance and support as part of a new partnership.

RUAG will initially provide engineering services to Dufour; the partnership is intended to develop in the long-term across the fields of development, manufacture and maintenance of eVTOLs and their components. RUAG is also assisting with the design and testing of the aircraft’s structure, the propulsion system and the integration of avionics and automated flight systems.

Thomas Kipfer, senior vice president, RUAG Business Area Air said: ”We believe the eVTOL market will be transformational for manned and unmanned aviation, and we’ve been looking for an OEM partner to further develop and apply our technology and expertise for this market. With Dufour we’ve found a company with credible technology in an advanced development stage, a strong team and a clear plan to become a key player in this market.”

Thomas Pfammatter, CEO and co-founder, Dufour said the partnership with RUAG is an important milestone. ”With their experience and knowledge, RUAG can support our development programs in multiple areas. RUAG is a leader in aeronautical engineering, they have state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a great team of innovative and dedicated engineers. We are very pleased that RUAG believes in the future of hybrid-electric tilt-wing aircraft,” he said.

Meanwhile, at Dübendorf airfield, Dufour is carrying out test flights with its Aero2 prototypes and smaller software testing platform, AeroMini.

In “phase 1” flights, Dufour performs hover tests, requiring only a small operational volume. “Phase 2” sees the transition flights, which require a larger operational radius. These take place over the main runway of Dübendorf airfield.

To streamline procedures, Dufour used its smaller AeroMini software testing platform before starting with the Aero2 prototypes, it said.