Road to certification: FAA releases Joby airworthiness criteria


The FAA has issued the airworthiness criteria for Joby’s eVTOL, the highly anticipated document provides insight into how the agency plans to certify these aircraft.  

To get its Model JAS4-1 air taxi certified, Joby will need to meet the criteria released by the FAA on Monday (7th November). The FAA made the criteria available for public comment ahead of their publication as a proposed rule in the Federal Register today. They contain definitions and requirements – new and modified – that apply specifically to Joby’s aircraft.

In 2020 Joby had an initial certification basis from the FAA, but publication of the airworthiness criteria was delayed as the agency decided whether to certify winged eVTOLs as Part 23 small aircraft or as powered-lift aircraft under the “special class” provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations 21.17(b). 

After settling on “special class” provisions in May, 2022, the FAA then completed a draft of the proposed criteria that situates aircraft like Joby’s in a powered-lift framework.

The OEM said last week it plans to start commercial passenger air taxi service in 2025 after receiving FAA approvals. It has previously eyed 2024 as a launch year. 

Joby made a $79.2m net loss in the third-quarter. Which reflects continued progress in certifying the aircraft and launching early manufacturing operations, it said. It also finished the quarter with $1.1bn cash. 

The company confirmed to Revolution.Aero it remains on target and has nothing to add further to last week’s investor’s call. 

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