H3X testing sixth prototype, ahead of commercial manufacturing starting 2023


H3X Technologies is now testing its 6th HPDM-250 electric propulsion system ahead of a ramp up to commercial operations beginning in 2023.

The HPDM-250 is a high power density integrated motor drive that combines the electric motor, inverter, and gearbox into a single unit. The system also includes “single additively manufactured aluminium cooling jacket” that simultaneously cools the power electronics and stator. Applications include eVTOLs, military aircraft and vessels, electric boats, e-racing and power generation, according to H3X.

Over the last year, the Lakewood, Colorado-based OEM has built five other full-scale HPDM-250 prototypes. The firm will then build a small batch of pre-production units to be delivered to partners and customers towards the end of this year for bench testing and evaluation.

In July, H3X was awarded a $1.25m Phase II contract as part of the US Air Force AFWERX programme. Speaking at the time, Jason Sylvestre, co-founder and CEO of H3X, said: “AFWERX and Agility Prime have put forth a tremendous effort to accelerate Advanced Air Mobility technologies. Our mission with this contract is to provide aircraft manufacturers with electric propulsion systems unparalleled in performance so they can make compelling aircraft with real utility.”


In October H3X unveiled the HPDM-3000, an ultra-high power density MW-class Integrated Modular Motor Drive (IMMD) for primary propulsor applications on large electric aircraft and ships. The system is based on the same core technology as the HPDM-250. 

Last month, H3X was selected as one of twelve companies selected for the NASA SBIR Ignite Programme. The contract is being used to help further development of H3X’s HPDM-30, a system built for UAV and electric aircraft propulsion. The HPDM-30 is a 30kW continuous integrated motor drive in a package weighing less than 4kg and is also based on the same advanced core technology developed for the HPDM-250.